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Our Services & Capabilities

THI manages hospitals and hospital departments as well as other healthcare programs. Training is incorporated into the management services so skills of the local management personnel are upgraded.

ManagementThis training is extremely important as it is the goal of THI to increase skills and capabilities locally so as to have a long-term sustainable effect on the health system.

In the most common approach, THI hospital managers train administrators in the host country as a way to develop staff and enhance hospital operations. The THI management team works on-site on a full-time basis for a predetermined amount of time. During that time, THI manages the facility or specific departments and works closely with the local administrative staff for a hands-on experience. The team spends up to four years in the hospital to provide a full range of training and support for hospital departments and to ensure improvement in the quality of care. Particular attention is given to development of systems, policies and procedures and organizational operational structures that provide long-term results.

“The Trinity people have shown respect for our culture, our way of doing things, and have provided counsel and advice which has served us well. In the hospital they have managed to improve productivity and morale while working within our established governmental system. Additionally, I have been impressed with their willingness and ability to work with our people in finance as well as all departments within Health Services. In short, Trinity Health International has sent us good people and they have delivered on their promises.

THI has proved itself to be a friend to the Marshallese people and I can highly recommend its management services.”

Amata Kabua, President
Republic of the Marshall Islands

"THI's philosophy and approach to advising other countries is not the desire to take control, but to teach and empower."
- Ken White, Former THI Staff Member

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