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Our Services & Capabilities

ConsultingTHI provides staff and systems for specific, short-term consulting engagements. These are services that address a specific, time-limited need for the client, such as a feasibility or demand study for a new hospital, strategic planning, board development, or a hospital operations assessment.

Hospital Operations Assessment: Ministries of health and individual hospitals have found THI’s operation assessments to be extremely valuable. Typically, a THI team visits every hospital department and carefully reviews general operations. A report is then prepared that contains the team’s observations and an action plan with recommendations. If desired, THI is available to assist in the implementation of the action plan’s recommendations.

Financial Services: Assistance in financial planning and management of hospitals, clinics and primary and public healthcare services is available. This assistance includes: productivity management, cost containment planning, alternative financing, budget programming, internal control improvement, redistribution/reallocation of resources, privatization of health services and computerization.

Facility Planning and Architectural Services: In collaboration with Trinity Design, the Trinity Health architectural subsidiary, and other specialized personnel, THI can provide a wide range of services to design new healthcare facilities or remodel existing facilities. Careful attention is given to climatic conditions, availability and reliability of utility services, social and cultural uniqueness, local maintenance issues, and the level of services provided.

Primary Health Services: THI professional staff can conduct studies and develop action plans to help governments balance support for curative and primary healthcare services, including health education and public health measures.

Privatization of Healthcare Services: THI provides counsel to governments on privatization of hospitals and hospital services. As part of this service, THI assesses the feasibility of privatization and then prepares action plans outlining the necessary steps to privatize services.

Managed Care: Through Trinity Health Plans and other Trinity Health subsidiaries, assistance is provided in the development of alternative means for financing health services, including health maintenance organizations (HMO), managed care programs and national health insurance.

Information Systems: Just as hospitals vary in size and sophistication of services offered, so must the use of computers vary from hospital to hospital. In many hospitals in developing nations, a microcomputer and several basic software packages provide the best answer for record keeping, data review and planning purposes. THI staff can assist hospitals in reviewing their potential for use of microcomputers in various departments and provide on-site training. When more sophisticated applications are called for in large hospitals or facilities in developed nations, THI works in concert with Trinity Health information systems personnel with expertise specifically in hospital computer services.

"They have taken a very pragmatic approach and are very mindful of local issues. They don't come in as foreign experts who know it all and then proceed to impose their vision. Rather, they come to share their knowledge and provide an expert independent view."
- John Moore, Board Chairman
  Mt. Alvernia Hospital, Bendigo, Australia

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